The Ecclesiastical Architects & Surveyors Association (EASA) has a long established history of promoting and supporting the highest standards across ecclesiastical architecture and surveying. Now approaching its 150th anniversary, the Association is as strong as it has ever. Membership is open to all Architects and Surveyors working on or with churches or other buildings of faith. Membership is also open to students* and those undergoing training, with a keen interest in, or anticipating future projects involving ecclesiastical buildings. We also offer “Correspondent Membership” for non-architect/surveyor professions, regularly working on ecclesiastical buildings, but who wish to be members.

The Association offers regular seasonal meetings in Spring, Summer and Autumn (coupled with the AGM); all providing engaging, interesting and education talks, visitations, tours and lectures on a range of matters relating to ecclesiastical architecture and surveying. In between the main conferences, we also run regular online and face-to-face regional meetings on specific subject matters, or to offer members the opportunity to visit works/projects on other churches. These events afford the opportunity to keep abreast of current matters, directly affecting the world of ecclesiastical architecture/surveying, offering relevant and health CPD opportunities and the chance to network (professionally and personally) with like-minded people.

Membership can provide potential clients with a high level of confidence in the experience and competency of of their professional adviser. Membership also comes with reduced costs to attend events and three journals a year.

*Students and/or those in training, without experience in the field may only be able to obtain Associate Membership.

Becoming a Member

All who seek Full Membership must first apply for Associate status (see application form below). Associates may be invited to become Members of the Association by the General Committee when the Committee is satisfied that the person has participated actively in Association events and enjoys the continuing confidence of Proposer / Seconder or Referees. Members who are no longer in general practice and have been in full membership for at least five years can become Retired Members. Those deemed as worthy of membership by reason of their special eminence, distinction or special interest in matters relating to ecclesiastical architecture can be made Honorary Members.

Correspondents are those who wish to maintain contact with EASA either on their own account or because of their connection with organisations with which the Association wishes to maintain contact (e.g. DAC secretaries).

Correspondent Membership may also be available to allied professionals such as quantity surveyors or engineers, whose responsibilities and professional needs are seen to be distinct. Contact us for more information.

NB: If you do not know of any existing EASA members to propose/second your application, please contact Tom at the below email to discuss this as it is no longer a strict requirement.

Annual Subscription Type Rate
Retired Member£30.00

To continue your application on the Application Portal, please click here to log-in.

Hon. Membership Secretary

Tom Crooks is the the Association’s Hon. Membership Secretary.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact him on  and he will be happy to help.

If you are a new Associate member, do look out for Tom at the meetings.