Welcome to the website of the Ecclesiastical Architects and Surveyors Association.

The Ecclesiastical Architects and Surveyors Association (EASA) is a learned society, founded in 1872 as the Ecclesiastical Surveyors Association.

The Association encourages its members to take advantage of continuing professional development initiatives relating to their work on ecclesiastical buildings and ensures that its meetings provide adequate and varied input to satisfy this requirement.

Members share a desire to strive for excellence, to learn from each other and to improve the quality of service to their clients.

  • Conserving Comper’s Reredos

    Conserving Comper’s Reredos

    A seminar about the restoration of Sir Ninian Comper’s very first Church project Friday 1st December 2023 at 1.30 p.m Since mid-September conservators from Hirst Conservation have been working hard to restore Geddington Church’s magnificent medieval reredos with its superb images painted on 13 zinc panels by Sir Ninian Comper as part of his very…

  • 2023 AGM and Autumn Meeting

    2023 AGM and Autumn Meeting

    We are returning to St Mellitus College in St Jude’s Church at 24, Collingham Road, Kensington, London. SW5 0LX for this year’s AGM and Autumn Meeting on Thursday, 2 November 2023 at 09.30 a.m.. This year the theme running through our speakers’ talks will major on the issue of the availability of grant aid for church repair and conservation work.…

  • Hold the date: 2023 Autumn Meeting and AGM

    The AGM will be held at St Mellitus College, 24 Collingham Rd, London SW5 0LX, this year on Thursday, 2 November 2023. Full details and booking information will be emailed out shortly.

  • 2023 UK Church Architecture Awards

    2023 UK Church Architecture Awards

    The EASA and National Churches Trust are delighted that the 2023 UK Church Architecture Awards are open for entries. Apply by 23 July 2023. The King of Prussia Gold Medal The King of Prussia Gold Medal is for innovative, high quality church conservation or repair work. The award is made on behalf of the National…

  • EASA Summer Conference 2023

    EASA Summer Conference 2023

    Friday, 30 June to Saturday, 1 July 2023 Theme: “Foundation Stones” Booking Deadline: Monday, 29 May 2023 We plan to start with a visit to the Hartham Park Stone Quarry at Corsham, where Bath Stone is quarried underground. We shall see the Bath Abbey Footprints Project during a visit to the Abbey and hear in…

  • EASA Instagram

    Unfortunately we lost our Instagram account so have had to create a new one. The new account is at: https://www.instagram.com/the_easa/

  • 2023 Church Architecture Awards

    Details of the 2023 UK Church Architecture Awards are being finalised. Please monitor your inbox and/or the EASA social media channels for an update. Further details may be found here.

  • Dalham, Suffolk

    Dalham, Suffolk

  • EASA Electronic Evenings: Solar Photo-voltaic Arrays at two Cathedrals: October 2021

    Wednesday 6th October 2021 5:00PM “Further thoughts on the design and installation of these installations on sensitive sites” EASA will be holding a further virtual evening meeting at 5.00 p.m. on Wednesday 6 October 2021 developing our thoughts on Net Zero Carbon matters, with a seminar on “Solar photo-voltaic arrays at two cathedrals”. This is the third of our…

  • EASA Electronic Evenings: Bats in Churches: September 2021

    Thursday 23rd September 2021 5:00PM Bats found in churches are a common issue when building conservation and repairwork is proposed. Help and support is often found through support from Natural England and other such ecological bodies, amongst whom is the “Bats in Churches Project”. To develop our knowledge further we will be running a seminar on the subject,…