EASA Electronic Evenings: Solar Photo-voltaic Arrays at two Cathedrals: October 2021

Wednesday 6th October 2021 5:00PM

“Further thoughts on the design and installation of these installations on sensitive sites”

EASA will be holding a further virtual evening meeting at 5.00 p.m. on Wednesday 6 October 2021 developing our thoughts on Net Zero Carbon matters, with a seminar on “Solar photo-voltaic arrays at two cathedrals”. This is the third of our EASA Electronic Evenings looking at matters of sustainability and it follows up on our earlier session during the series last May, on the installation of photo-voltaic cells on church buildings.

Our speakers for the evening will discuss installations at Gloucester and Salisbury Cathedrals. Antony Feltham-King, Principal of St Ann’s Gate Architects, will tell us about the Gloucester project. This talk will range from the wider contextual issues through to design and how technical difficulties were overcome. Canon Dr. Robert Titley, Canon Treasurer of Salisbury Cathedral, will then give a talk from the client’s perspective on the installation at Salisbury Cathedral.

The speakers will then be joined for a Q&A session by panelists Izaak Hudson, Architect to Salisbury Cathedral, and by Tom Crooks whose photovoltaic installation on a Grade 2 listed church in Sheffield was the subject of our May seminar.

The Q&A session will be chaired by Anna Joynt, who will field your questions as they are sent in via the chat line system. There may also be an opportunity here to continue the interesting discussions begun at the last EASA e-session on to what extent it might be acceptable to see photovoltaic cells on listed church buildings.